What Constitutes Material Breach in Texas?

Breach of contract cases can be difficult, regardless of which party did not live up to their contractual obligations. Even the party that is damaged by the other’s breach may face their own legal risks regarding the contract. They will need to decide whether to keep performing their side of the contract under its terms […]

What Happens When a Partnership Dissolves?

Not all partnerships end the way their partners want. Even if your relationship with your partner(s) has proceeded smoothly for most of your partnership’s existence, there may come a time when the partnership has outlived its purpose or circumstances have significantly changed. There are times when you may decide that the best course of action […]

How To Handle Disputes In A 50-50 Partnership

Agreeing to a 50/50 partnership begins with the best of intentions – everyone is excited, looking forward to a long, prosperous future together. But with each partner having equal control and decision-making power lie the seeds of a future war of attrition. Relationships that begin harmoniously can and frequently do deteriorate over time when each […]

Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable?

Many employees must sign non-compete agreements with their employer as a condition of their employment. Despite the Biden Administration’s stated intent to ban these agreements, and the Federal Trade Commission’s proposed rule doing so, many workers are still subject to the terms of these agreements within their employment contracts. One common question employees ask when […]

Can Insurance Companies Deny Cancer Treatment?

The answer to the question of “Can insurance companies deny cancer treatment?” is often different from the answer to the question of “Do insurance companies deny cancer treatment?” Although federal law often prohibits insurance companies from denying certain vital cancer treatments, patients are often forced to fight for coverage. In some cases, patients may even […]

Why Government Plans Are Exempt From ERISA

If you have been denied benefits provided through an employer-sponsored plan, your claim will generally fall under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). ERISA is a federal law that governs most employee benefit plans. While ERISA was originally enacted to safeguard employees’ retirement and pension benefits, its reach and scope has been expanded over the years. […]