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Our business is winning cases


Our business is winning cases

Handling commercial litigation and insurance claims litigation for those in need of counsel in the greater Houston community.

Powered by Teamwork

We work together to ensure our clients have the best possible legal representation.

Successful at Trial and on Appeal

When we get a case, the first thing we think about is taking it to trial.

Passion for Justice

As lifelong advocates for social justice, our lawyers ensure every client knows they are important to our law firm.

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Houston, Texas

Berg Plummer & Johnson

Berg Plummer & Johnson, LLP is a Houston based litigation law firm offering sophisticated representation to a range of clients in both insurance litigation and commercial litigation matters. We are skilled advocates who have routinely helped clients secure favorable results through negotiation and compromise.

Still, our belief is that in order for advocacy to be truly effective, there must be a “bite” waiting behind the “bark.” We prepare thoroughly for the prospect of trial litigation and are willing and able to try a case to its conclusion, if necessary.


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When you consult with Berg Plummer & Johnson, LLP, an experienced Houston trial lawyer at our firm will engage you in a collaborative partnership. We understand the unique challenges associated with business and insurance disputes, and how to navigate them successfully and in a manner that accomplishes our clients’ objectives. Our practical, results-oriented mindset drives every facet of our legal representation. We are laser-focused on working towards the best possible solution for each client.

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