Client Review

Amar Raval and the team at Berg, Plummer, Johnson, and Raval are amazing lawyers and great to work with. They explain everything in detail and make the process a better learning experience. They are always available to help quickly and a high level of professionalism. If you need an attorney these are your guys. -Mala […]

Can Insurance Companies Deny Cancer Treatment?

The answer to the question of “Can insurance companies deny cancer treatment?” is often different from the answer to the question of “Do insurance companies deny cancer treatment?” Although federal law often prohibits insurance companies from denying certain vital cancer treatments, patients are often forced to fight for coverage. In some cases, patients may even […]

Health Insurance Litigation Client Review

Mr. Raval was the first attorney I found in a web search. Three other attorneys I spoke with as well recommended him. So, we first encountered his excellence among his peers. We hired him to represent my wife against an LTD (long term disability) claim denial. He convinced the insurance company to reverse its decision […]

Breast Cancer Survivor Sues Blue Cross Blue Shield for Wrongful Denial of Cancer Treatment

We are proud to represent clients against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas when it wrongly denies proton beam radiation therapy for cancer. This is because regardless of medical necessity, BCBS has a uniform policy to deny proton therapy treatment and force insureds to seek suboptimal treatment. Our client seeks to hold BCBS responsible for […]

Health Insurance Claim Client Review

I received a bill from the hospital for $25,000 stating my insurance company did not approved my knee surgery. After investigating, attorney Amar Raval found that the hospital did not follow the proper procedure or process to get my surgery authorized through my insurance company. He was able to get the case dismissed due to […]

Health Insurance Claim Denials: Aetna Doesn’t Review Medical Records

Recently, in a California insurance lawsuit involving the wrongful denial of health insurance benefits to a 19-year old claimant suffering from a rare immune-system disorder, a former medical director at Aetna (the defendant health insurer) admitted under oath to having never reviewed patient medical records when determining whether to deny health insurance claims. The testimony […]