At Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP, our Houston investigation lawyers stand ready to assist clients with responding to every phase of a government investigation, from pre-investigation regulatory compliance to potential civil litigation brought on the basis of purported violations of the law uncovered by such investigation.  We represent corporations, boards, and executives in government and private investigations, as well as any litigation that follows.

Full Range of Investigations

Whether you are being investigated by a public enforcement agency, or a private individual or entity, our team of investigations attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure that every possible liability risk is assessed and contained, where possible.  We understand that liability risks are, to some degree, part of the cost of doing business, and as such, we are committed to cost-effective legal representation — our attorneys are well-positioned to identify the cost of potential liability and dedicate legal resources to priority areas.

We represent clients who are or will be subjected to government and private investigations relating to:

  • Accounting fraud
  • Antitrust
  • Congressional investigations
  • Crisis management
  • Data, privacy & security
  • False claims
  • Healthcare investigations
  • Market manipulations
  • Money laundering
  • State Attorney-General actions

Services Provided

Our Houston investigation lawyers have years of experience handling high-stakes investigations and assisting clients throughout the investigation process so as to minimize exposure to both criminal and civil liability.  To that end, we provide full-service, comprehensive legal representation relating to government and private investigations.

Here at Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP, our government and private investigations services include, but are not necessarily limited, to:

  • Performing an internal investigation before official regulators begin the investigation process themselves
  • Responding to requests by enforcement agencies
  • Negotiating with government regulators
  • Defending clients in criminal and civil litigation
  • Developing compliance and auditing programs to prevent future violations
  • Working on out-of-court resolutions with potential claimants

Government and private investigations can lead to an avalanche of accusations and potential liability.  Our attorneys are committed to providing best-in-class representation at all stages of the investigation process so that you can effectively navigate the process unscathed (to the degree possible).

Our Houston Investigation Lawyers Handle Government and Private Investigations

The attorneys at Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP boast decades of combined experience representing clients who are being investigated (or are concerned about a pending investigation), and who may subsequently be exposed to criminal or civil liability as a result of such investigation.

Our Houston investigation lawyers have been involved with high-profile regulatory matters at the corporate level, and have a track record of success in providing end-to-end assistance to clients with the investigation process, from developing an advantageous relationship with regulators to anticipating enforcement issues and adapting accordingly.  

We understand that clients have different objectives and budgetary requirements.  As such, we work closely with clients to develop customized, cost-effective fee arrangements that are well-suited to their needs. Call us today at (713) 526-0200 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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