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Whether you are an individual trying to navigate the litigation process for the first time or a well-established business facing a high stakes lawsuit, consulting an experienced Houston business litigation lawyer can ensure your case resolves as quickly and favorably as possible.  The attorneys at Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP have the knowledge and skills to successfully handle your case.  Our lawyers are top-level litigators who aggressively and effectively represent clients in state and federal courts as well as mediation and arbitration proceedings.  We serve as legal counsel to all types of plaintiffs and defendants, ranging from individuals, to small and mid-sized businesses, to Fortune 500 companies.  Leveraging decades of collective experience gained at some of the best firms in the country, our firm is fully prepared to help our clients achieve superior results no matter how challenging the litigation may be.

Equipped to Litigate a Wide Range of Legal Disputes Throughout Texas

At Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP, we know that legal conflicts and disputes can arise anywhere and at any point in time.  Our business law firm handles a wider variety of cases and clients than virtually any other firm of our size in Texas.  We have successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants involved in all types of routine and complex legal disputes, ranging from liability claims and insurance coverage litigation, to business and employment disputes, to government investigations.  Our business litigation lawyers in Houston know what it takes to win a case and are committed to vigorously representing our client’s interests from start to finish. 

When you hire our firm, an Houston business litigation lawyer will work with you to develop a plan of action that meets your specific goals and objectives.  We understand that clients generally look to us to resolve the matter as early on as possible in the process.  Because we are widely recognized as skilled litigators who aggressively pursue cases to trial, our clients have an edge at the negotiation table.  Our opponents know we are a formidable force in court and will work with us to come to a fair resolution before taking the case before a judge or jury.

When a settlement or resolution is unattainable, our attorneys will not hesitate to litigate the matter in court. We are top-level trial lawyers who have built a reputation for getting exceptional results for our clients. Our lawyers have the litigation experience and track record that you would expect to find at firms twice our size. 

Why Negotiate a Settlement in a Business Lawsuit?

In many cases — particularly with first-time litigants (plaintiffs and defendants alike) — clients do not quite understand why attempting to negotiate a favorable settlement compromise will be to their benefit.  There are a number of reasons to negotiate a settlement before the case appears before a judge or jury, but one of the primary reasons is the inherent uncertainty of litigation and its outcome. 

When you litigate a claim, there are essentially two uncertain elements: 1) the liability of the defendant and 2) the damages owed by the defendant.  If the claim at issue proceeds all the way through to trial, it’s entirely possible that the court will find in your favor in one regard, but not in the other.  For example, if you are a plaintiff, the court may determine that the defendant is liable to you for damages, but the jury may thereafter award you minimal damages that are not enough to cover your losses. 

Settlements are an attempt to set a specific amount that is palatable for both parties, given the circumstances.  Uncertainty strikes both ways, of course, so it’s possible that either party could “win big” or “lose big” at trial.  The settlement must take into account the likelihood of each party succeeding at trial.  If you are 50 percent likely to win your case, but your damages are clearly supported by the evidence, then your settlement must reflect this. For example, if you might be awarded $1M in maximum compensation at trial, then a fair settlement might be somewhere around $750,000. 

Importantly, there are other reasons to avoid trial litigation, where possible.  Civil litigation is public, which means that your case may ultimately expose your business to bad press, depending on the circumstances.  For example, if you are being sued by a former employee for discrimination, it may be worthwhile to simply settle the claim as soon as possible to avoid the public fallout — even if the claim does not have significant merit. 

Commercial litigation can also take quite some time.  If you do not have the interest in taking a case to trial over the course of a year and committing the time, effort, and potentially expense necessary for successfully litigating the case, then a settlement may be preferable. 

Experience Representing Both Plaintiffs and Defendants is an Advantage 

Here at Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP, our business litigation lawyers in Houston, Texas have experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation.  This is a unique advantage in the context of commercial litigation, as we are privy to the experience of each side and the arguments typically advanced by their attorneys.  We are therefore well-equipped to counter the arguments put forth by opposing counsel, as we may have used similar arguments in previous cases and are fully aware of the weaknesses therein. 

Generally speaking, breadth of experience is valuable in litigation.  Our attorneys are more than capable of handling a diverse range of claims, and we are committed to client-oriented advocacy — we do not approach litigation with a one-size-fits-all mentality.  We develop comprehensive, personalized arguments for each client, and when circumstances require that we adapt, we do so without hesitation. This flexibility is critical to securing a favorable outcome on behalf of our clients. 

We Strive to Help Texas Businesses Recover Damages 

When representing our business clients in litigation, the Houston business litigation lawyers at Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP strive to secure the damages they deserve.  We are not satisfied with merely winning a case or having the defendant admit liability — it is important to us that our clients put forth an airtight claim for damages that is well-supported by the evidence.  When possible (though rare, and only in cases involving particularly egregious conduct), we also advocate aggressively for the imposition of punitive damages, which applies a multiplier to the existing compensatory damages amount. 

Monetary damages are not always the solution.  In many types of business litigation cases, monetary compensation is not adequate on its own.  For example, if you have had a patent infringed upon, then you’ll likely want to obtain an injunction that prohibits the defendant from violating your patent in the future.  You may also be entitled to recover significant monetary damages for the losses suffered. 

Our Houston Business Litigation Lawyers Can Assist With Internal Investigations Prior to Litigation 

Whether you are being subjected to a government investigation or you are being sued by a private individual or entity for civil damages, conducting an internal investigation prior to litigation can be extremely helpful. 

When our Houston business litigation attorneys perform an internal investigation on your behalf, and in association with your team members, we are able to identify potential compliance issues, liable employees/agents and flaws in internal procedures and auditing programs — this gives us insight into how to better construct your defense so as to avoid or minimize liability.  If you are being investigated by the government, then a comprehensive internal investigation may give you the data you need to favorably negotiate with government regulators. 

The Impact of Litigation Must Be Considered and Handled Appropriately 

After litigation ends, it can have a significant impact on your business.  Unfortunately, many clients do not fully consider the impacts.  Here at Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP, our experienced business litigation attorneys in Houston, Texas can assist after litigation with handling the tax consequences (whether from obtaining significant damages, or paying damages to the plaintiff), as well as the potential consequences for your creditors. 

For example, if you are in the midst of processing a bankruptcy for your business, then you may have concerns about the priority of creditors — judgment creditors and other creditors — in the wake of litigation.  These concerns are legitimate, of course, and shrewd handling of assets and the creditor claims brought against you may give you an opportunity to shield (at least a portion of) such assets from the greedy hands of your creditors. 

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At Berg Plummer Johnson & Raval, LLP, we understand that litigation expenses are a serious consideration for our clients. At the outset of each case, we work directly with our clients to develop fee structures that provide both flexibility and cost predictability.  Our approach to legal fees is unique and is designed to give our clients a level of certainty that they are generally unable to find elsewhere in the legal marketplace.  Call (713) 526-0200 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with an experienced Houston business litigation lawyer today.

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